What to expect from a 1001Worlds trip?


- An international group of maximum 10
- One of us accompanying you the whole trip
- As much sightseeing as you like: the rest is devoted to local life
- Upscale, boutique accommodation: no hostels, no chain hotels  
- Program and restaurant choices based on the group’s interests

Upcoming Trips

September 23, 2017 - September 30, 2017
4 Spots left
Georgian wines are becoming quite the buzz and for good reasons: The stunning, hospitable country is where wine was discovered and its soil grows almost 400 types of grapes. Its ancient way of maturing the wine, in clay pots buried under ground, is still the preferred method of wine production, a process international wine experts are flocking to Georgia to study. Accompanied by 1001Worlds’ co-founder Piia, you'll go on a road trip to the beautiful wine country, Kakheti, to visit the best wineries. Then we’ll go and relax in the mountain air of the majestic Caucasus in Kazbegi, stopping...


Georgia: Tracing the Roots of Wine Culture
Reviewed by Jhartung
"I was uncertain what to expect, as I really didn't know too much about Georgia going in - but fortunately,..."
Discovery Trip to Uganda
Reviewed by Bami
"Lakes, forests, hills, game drive, chimpanzees, New Year's party and meeting tons of people - it was a beautiful trip..."
Georgia: Tracing the Roots of Wine Culture
Reviewed by Ken
"The Georgian food really was as amazing as I’d been reading. From fancy restaurants to dinners in people’s homes,..."