Frequently Asked Questions


What Makes 1001worlds Different from All the Other Tour Organizers?

We're unique in several ways: 1) You get to pick and choose your own group using our social media enhanced site. By creating a profile and browsing through others’, you can make sure you’re going on a trip with like-minded nomads. 2) We use flexible programming, which means that fun surprises, sudden invitations and the group’s own wishes can easily be accommodated. 3) 1001worlds gives you a fast way into the destination’s everyday life: You’re likely to meet interesting locals, attend non-touristy events and to visit a cool new gallery, a supermarket or a hidden gem of a restaurant. All of which you might miss on your own or with a big tour operator.


What’s Included in the Price?

Accommodations and the services of 1001worlds before, during and after the trip. This means that the group leader is with you the whole trip, and that before and after you’ll be able to use our website to keep in touch with your group and to share photos and videos of your trip.


Do I Have to Buy My Own Plane Ticket?

Yes. We don’t sell plane tickets. Plus it would be impossible for us to organize as our customers are from around the world, so you’ll all be arriving from different destinations.


Who Will Lead My Group?

You’ll always know who the tour leader is, and have access to his or her profile, when you sign up. And you’ll have a chance to get to know him or her on our interactive feature, the Playground, before the trip. If you’re a dynamo and start your own group, we’ll do our best to find a group leader that fits your group perfectly. Bottom line: if neither of us will be there, we handpick an awesome local group leader. She or he will be youthful, fun, open-minded and adventurous, similar to our own customers. And she or he will know the ins and outs of the city and region, guaranteed.


When Do I Get to Know the Program?

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll get access to your group’s Playground. There will be a proposed program with details. A less detailed program (without all our secret spots revealed) is available for anyone to view on the Destination page. But as 1001worlds always operates under flexible programming, please note that all programs are just proposals.


How Does Flexible Programming Work?

Flexible Programming means that nothing is set in stone and that you and your group will have a say in daily activities. Of course some bigger activities that require advance bookings, such as out of town trips, will have to be decided beforehand. But smaller daily decisions – which restaurant you’ll eat at, which mosque to visit, which gallery opening to attend – you’ll discuss with your group and decide the previous night or over breakfast.


How Are Decisions Made with the Group?

This is much less of a hassle than it might sound. Our small group sizes (6-11 people) make on the spot decision making relatively easy and our tour leaders are trained to take charge in the rare case no easy solution is found. You’ll get to discuss your wishes and can preplan a lot on the Playground before the trip as well. And if half the group wants to do something else one night than the other half, that’s quite OK, too. The tour leader will have tips for what to do for all tastes.


What If I Want to Do My Own Thing for a Day or Two?

You absolutely can. This is your holiday and you’re the one who’s going to make it the best possible one for you. If this means you want to go solo for a day, by all means do it. You can always connect with your group the next day, or in the evening. Since our groups are so small, this will be no trouble to organize. And the group leader will have great advise for you for your solo adventure.


I See Meals Are Not Included in the Price? How Are They Done?

Meals and activities are not included in the price in order to keep the program as flexible as possible. So each day you’ll pay for them on the spot. This also leaves room for different tastes as not everyone might want to go for a gourmet dinner every night, while for others they are the highlight of the trip. You’ll discuss lunch and dinner options with your group, and the group leader has all the tips you need.


How Much Money Do I Take?

We’ll give you an idea of the price level of the destination before the trip, but this of course depends on your own tastes and spending habits. If you enjoy fancy meals and party a lot, you’ll need a bigger budget than someone who lives on cheap snacks and enjoys simple pleasures like hiking.


What If I’ve Paid the Deposit but the Trip Doesn’t Fill up?

If 6 people sign up, we will organize the trip. If a group doesn’t have 6 fully paid travellers 4 weeks before departure, we will have to cancel the trip. However, if the group is near to that number, we will do a maximum amount of effort in the weeks prior to that to try and reach at least 6 participants. In the unfortunate event of a cancellation, you’ll be refunded all the money you’ve paid to us prior to cancellation, including the deposit.


If My Deposit Is Returned, Can I Use It Towards Another Trip?

Absolutely. You might elect to have us hold money you have paid for another trip. There might be other interesting trips at the same time, or to the same destination at a different time. Or you might have spotted a cool group that you want to join to a destination you hadn’t thought about yet.


Are Children Allowed?

On our group trips, unfortunately not. On these trips, the minimum age is 21. But children are more than welcome if you opt for a Tailor Made trip. There are plenty of options for families at the destinations we offer and we’d love to design you and your family a fun trip.


What If I Can only Join for a Part of the Trip?

This can be organized. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we take care of it.


What If I Come a Day Early or Want to Stay Later?

No worries. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can organize it for you. Many of our destinations offer enough excitement to spend weeks without getting bored, and, who knows, you might want to stay longer to hang out with some of the locals you met.


What Are the Accommodations Like?

No hostels or chain hotels, ever. No 5 star hotels either. We pick locally owned, trendy, independent hotels of medium comfort or better. This goes for big cities. On road trips, you need to be a little more willing to give up on comfort, though we always try and match the quality to the city destination.


I’m Traveling Alone. Do I Have to Pay a Single Supplement?

Well, this is up to you. Our prices are based on double occupancy, so you’re going to share a room with another cool nomad of the same sex. Part of the pleasure of traveling is meeting interesting people and your roommate will for sure be one of them. But if you prefer to stay in a single room, you can do that, but you need to pay a little extra for it, and you have to let us know beforehand. Email us for details in the destination of your choice: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s mandatory in order to join the trip. At a minimum your travel insurance must cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability, with a minimum coverage of US$200,000. We also highly recommend it covers cancellation and delays of flights and loss or damage of luggage. We ask you to email us a scanned copy of your travel insurance before the trip. We will hold a copy and pass a copy to the tour leader, so she or he will always have it handy in case of an emergency.


Will I Need a Visa?

Our customers are from around the world so the requirements for visas depend on your home country, but can often be bought at the arrival airport. To be sure, however, please check directly with the embassy of your destination country or with a visa service. It’s your own responsibility to find out about your visa needs. If you need help figuring it out, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Are All Your Destinations Safe?

We have visited all of them numerous times without any trouble. That said, some of them might have travel warnings issued by your government, depending on the country you’re from. Please check those and make your own judgments and decisions. That is, we will leave this up to you and encourage you to be as fully informed as you can. If you email or call us, we’re happy to discuss the issue with you as well. Please also check our Terms and Conditions for legal issues concerning the matter.


What About Vaccinations?

Please consult your medical practitioner as there are often different points of view depending on what country you live in. A tetanus vaccination is however advised for anyone.


What to Pack?

You will receive a list with suggestions ‘what to pack’ a couple of weeks before the trip, together with all other necessary information. Most customers have little suitcases with wheels, some pack their stuff into a backpack.


What Is the Best Way to Carry Money?

It’s best to take both cash and cards. Euros and dollars are easy to exchange into local currency in any country. The destinations we travel to all have ATM’s in the capital cities and they often give better rates than if you’re changing cash. Before the trip, ask your local bank whether or not you can use your cards in the countries you will visit. (Please note that you need to unblock your card if you use Maestro outside the EU.) We highly advise you not to keep all your money and cards at one place, but to divide them into several spots. And make sure to have a copy of your cards, so that in case of loss you can easily block them. Simply traveling 101.


I Know 1001Worlds is a New Company. Is it Financially Secure?

1001Worlds is entirely self-financed and doesn’t depend on loans. We never use customers’ deposits or payments for anything else but the trip’s expenses until after the trip. We have a policy of not pre-financing, unless absolutely necessary (for example for wildlife permits or festival tickets). The hotels we collaborate with, and other services we use, are only paid upon arrival, in order to minimize risk. So due to our policies, the financial risks for customers are absolutely minimal.




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