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Brandy factories, one of the best cuisines in the world, and wineries as old as 6000 years. Armenia, if any place, is at the crossroads of diverse cultures, with hints of Europe, Asia and the Middle East lingering in the Caucasus mountain air, while the tiny country also hosts a distinct, proud culture of its own. This is a destination for pioneers as tourists are still not a common site here, and for those with an eye for stunning mountain scenery, ancient monasteries, burgeoning Yerevan bar scene, alongside a bit of Soviet nostalgia. Armenia gets often labeled as 'off the beaten track' or ‘under the radar,’ and that's really what it is: a cultural and historical gem with top-notch cuisine and stunning landscapes, but hardly any tourists.  
Call it Paris or Switzerland of the Middle East, there is no doubt Beirut has made a miraculous comeback since the Civil War years. Sports cars, miniskirts, cocktails, wild rooftop parties, famous chefs fighting for a spot in the city, all enveloped in an explosion of creativity. Beirut is simply buzzing with energy and ready to prove the old news headlines ancient history. There is also no lack of exciting daytrips as everything is nearby in this compact country: beaches, festivals, mystical Christian mountain valleys, cedar forests, the Bacchus temple at Baalbeck, and of course the famous wineries.
Egypt, unlike many of our less famous destinations, doesn’t require a lot of introduction. The name immediately brings to mind pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaohs, Cleopatra and sphinxes. Egypt’s history is fascinating for sure and will most likely cause your head to spin, but that’ not all the country has to offer. It has also a rich contemporary culture, evident for example in cuisine, street art and music.        
Georgia has a lot to offer from the remote villages high up in the Caucasus to the vineyards of Kakheti, from the innovative art and bar scene of Tbilisi to the revived city of Batumi on the shores of Black Sea. And what's best: It's the cradle of wine culture and having just one bite of Georgian cuisine makes you realize why Georgians are so proud of their food. It’s simply fabulous! Throw in beautiful churches and monasteries, hikes in national parks, some polyphonic singing and Supra food and wine feasts, and you’re sold. Guaranteed.  
Istanbul, Constantinople. This ancient city, with its ornate mosques, bazaars and palaces, does wonders to your imagination. No surprise the vibrant metropol has also become the place to be for arts, design, food culture and partying. Even the most seasoned cosmopolitan won’t stand a chance to get bored here. Any given day, after a bewildering dose of history in the old Constantinople, you can wander across the bridge into the more modern Beyoglu, filled with intriguing bars, restaurants and galleries, and rub shoulders with the fashionable Istanbulis.
Uganda, or “the pearl of Africa” as Winston Churchill famously renamed it, is bound to charm you with its many lakes, beautiful mountains and lush rain forests. Its high altitudes make the climate here constantly pleasant, with January as the warmest month. But besides nature, the capital Kampala introduces you to the constantly developing African city life, with its many bars, restaurants and a thriving arts scene. And yet the best part of this beautiful country is no doubt its friendly and fun-loving people, who know how to dance the night away.      
6 results - showing 1 - 6

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